4SDG17: Crossing sciences | Partnerships for sustainability

SDG17: Cross sciences | Partnerships for sustainability is a space for encounter and dialogue between sciences, aiming to generate knowledge and stimulate partnerships to overcome the challenges for sustainability.

In the current environment of marked uncertainty, SDG17 constitutes a virtual research laboratory, where scientists from different areas, specialists, companies, public and private entities, communities, meet with the common purpose of confronting ideas, testing solutions, prospecting paths.


1st Edition 202134

14 October 2020Session Video
Theme: Ecology and History
Péter Szabó Historical ecology: why and how to connect the natural sciences and the humanities

21 October 2020
Theme: Biosphere reserves
Miguel Clüsener-Godt | Biosphere reserves – Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Program

28 October 2020
Theme: Territories and Communities
Inger Elisabeth Måren | The Food we Eat – How Food Connects All the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

04 November 2020
Theme: Risks and Safety
Nuno Severiano Teixeira | New threats, new risks, new security concept

11 November 2020
Theme: Multidisciplinary practices
Eugénia Cunha | Reading bones, evolutionary and forensic perspectives.

18 November 2020
Theme: Civic and environmental culture
Luísa Schmidt | Environmental Citizenship – contexts, processes and dynamics

25 November 2020
Theme: Environmental Challenges
Helena Freitas | Biodiversity and the New Green Deal

02 December 2020
Theme: Native communities
Edmundo Gallo | Traditional Territories and Networking: strategies for promoting equity, autonomy and sustainability

09 December 2020 | Session video
Theme: Global climate governance
Rosana Icassatti Corazza | Um decepcionante Regime Climático Internacional… e algo de novo na Governança Global do Clima

16 December 2020 | Session video
Theme: Heritage and biocultural diversity
Peter Bridgewater | Genes and memes: understanding biocultural diversity and its role in shaping landscapes


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