Biosphere Reserves: sustainable territories, resilient communities

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The project “Biosphere Reserves: sustainable territories, resilient communities” aims at valuing territories in complicity with communities, understanding heritage assets and ecosystem services, and focusing on strengthening skills and the governance model. The Sustainable Development Plans (PDS), following participatory methodologies, will be the programmatic framework, aiming at the differentiated territorial development, the resilience and sustainability of the Biosphere Reserves.

The team is composed by Professor Helena Freitas (IR), Professor Maria Fernanda Rollo, Professor José Paulo Sousa, Professor Miguel Pardal, Professor Paula Castro, António Abreu, Joana Alves, Filipe Martinho, Jorge Duran, Catarina Moura, António Gouveia, Miguel Moreira, Filipe Guimarães da Silva, Sofia Diniz, Inês Castaño, Luisa Metelo Seixas.


The timeframe for this project is from November 2020 to May 2023.

For more information about the project, access here:

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