Heritales – International Heritage Film Festival

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The UNESCO Chair on Biodiversity Safeguard for Sustainable Development partners with Heritales – International Heritage Film Festival for the festival´s 5th edition (2022). The Festival starts today with the first of many events that will occur all summer long culminating with a final event and award ceremony in September 2022.

The project HERITALES “aims to encourage sustainability linked to communities and promote a reinterpretation of what can be valued as cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of heritage  education.  On the other hand, it wants to encourage new ways of transferring knowledge, encouraging intercultural dialogue and giving way to international scientific collaboration through partnerships.

The theme of the 5th edition is: “Sustainable communities safeguarding natural and urban heritage”. This year, Heritales will explore sustainable communities as way to promote the natural and urban heritage, bringing together documentaries and other artistic works. Over the course of three months, more than 20 films will be available for viewing and voting on-line, and it will promote live sessions in various international spaces. The culmination of the festival is celebrated with an award ceremony in the last week of September. As part of the event, we are trying to organize a three-day residency for the directors of the selected works. During this period, workshops and debates will take place as well as films projections for the general public.” (from the Heritales website)

For more information about the overall project: https://www.heritales.org/wp/

For announcements of the events: https://www.heritales.org/wp/events-2022/


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